Friday, January 25, 2008

Raw Spirit Festival....i wanna go!!!

Read about it here:
Raw Spirit Festival

So, i really would love to attend this festival! It just sounds so new age and wonderful. Plus lots of east coast raw foodies will be there. Philip, Anthony plus a whole bunch more. I mean yeah i haven't even been to PF&W yet but that will come with time. I think some people are meeting next Saturday for a lunch at Bonobos so i want to attend that as well.

I would love to have my sister Sue attend with me but i am not too sure she would be into it. It would be lovely though if she was!

Folks, the food you see above is NOT COOKED!!! This is raw food at its best! Easily copied in recipes!! DROOL!!!!!!!!

So, folks read up and let me know what you all think!!!
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