Sunday, January 20, 2008

My commitment to juice feasting.....

I'd rather look like this:

Ok, so do you want to look like this?

So, here's to 2008. I am commited to participating in the global juice feast in March 2008. It's usually done for 92 days but i am going to do 30-40 days. The reason that i will not do the full 92 is the Jewish holiday Passover which takes place starting april 20th. So, i suppose my juice feast will begin March 1 and end april 15th or so! I am not going to include the rules and details of the juice feast just yet!! That will come in february. Right now i am just needing to purchase all the added supplements that go along with juice feasting. I also am very intent on losing weight and this will undoubtly help!!! So, thats my commitment and i'm sticking to it!!!! :)
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