Sunday, January 20, 2008

"I sluuuur when i'm tired". McNulty being McNulty....fuck!!!

So, The Wire!!! Can i say intense? Watching The Wire is realizing that you have never been so enthralled or engaged in a television show. Raising the bar, tantalizing the senses, (the acting is magnificent), and best of all, challenging the mind. I have never felt so satisfied from watching the box. These characters are so meaty, so real, so utterly delicious. Police and drug dealers alike, all are likable and despicable, all have their moments. They are, to sum up, human. I can't figure out who I'm rooting for - but that's exactly what I love about this show. I cannot stop after one episode How brilliantly creative! Excellent excellent excellent stuff! And dude, i only saw 2 episodes of season 5!!!!!! McNulty ROCKS!!!!
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