Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dates!!!! And i am not talking about the kind of dates that involve dinner and a movie!!!!

So i am officially hooked on dates!!! First i tried the store bought kinda dried dates and i thought they were the cats pajamas! Then, after reading tons of blogs and raw websites i discovered there is a whole other world of dates out there!!!! I found . This man is a GOD! I ordered 2 lbs of medjool dates!!! They are big, juicy, sweet and just delicious!!! A worthy treat for any raw foodie! Then, Steve emailed me about the heavenly Barhi Date!!!! So, i swiftly ordered 2 lbs for myself and 2 lbs for them today!!! They are sticky, sweet, small, melt in your mouth delish!!!! I like this description:

The Barhi Date is the sweetest and softest of all dates. Frozen they are like caramel candy.

Yep, that says it all!!!! Many creatures enjoy dates. From tiny insects to birds and mammals, this is something we share in common. They are extremely nutritious, higher in potassium than bananas, also rich in iron, calcium and vitamins. If you are looking to balance your acid/alkaline state, dates are more alkaline than almost any other food. One of the stumbling blocks to the raw food diet can be just not having enough high quality food around. So often fruit bought at the store can be disappointing because it was picked before it was totally ripe. Dates are normally harvested fully ripe with full sugar content, and are available most months out of the year. For those aspiring to the ideal of the raw vegan diet, dates are your best option as a sweetener. With 60% pure sugar, they are the most concentrated source of sugar found on any plant. They make just about any raw food creation taste better, especially desserts and smoothies. Sweeeet.

So, if you are interested in trying dates why don't you email Steve at !!! He's very accomadating!!!

Finally, the best thing about dates is their great taste! Enjoy!
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