Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well, here i am!!!

So, i finally decided to start my own blog. After much deliberation and research i decided on as my starting point. It's quite user friendly that even i can do it. I have designed it and made it my own. I want all my friends to feel free to come by and read and comment. This way, i will know what people like and dislike and i can adjust accordingly. I will be posting quite frequently and adding special videos. My blog will primarily be me posting about family, friends, food, music, tv, therapy and anything else that pops into my skattered head! So, welcome and thanks for coming by!!!

I would alsolike to post a link for my other blog that i have had for the past 8 years or so. Please feel free to take a look as i have quite a bit of quality posts there. I will update there periodically!
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