Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In Treatment! I don't think anybody looks good when they're sad!

A therapist doesn’t heal, he lets healing be.

In Treatment is based on the critically-acclaimed Israeli series of the same name and features Gabriel Byrnes in the lead role. Gabriel plays a therapist who sees a new patient each day (Monday - Thursday) and then his own therapist on Friday. There are a million ways to watch this show - Just watch Laura's storyline on Mondays, watch all the episodes, Watch Alex on Tuesday and Gabriel's sesson on Friday... What do you think about the concept of a show that gives you a look behind the therapy curtain? What do you think about HBO having a show on Monday - Friday?

Premiered Monday at 9:30 p.m. EST, the series finds him meeting with Laura (Melissa George), a beautiful young anesthesiologist who wants more from Weston than therapy. Tuesday, he's in session with Alex (Blair Underwood), a brash Navy pilot who's recently been grounded. Wednesday's patient is 16-year-old Sophie (Mia Wasikowska), an aspiring Olympic gymnast who may or may not be suicidal. Thursday, he has couples counseling with Jake (Josh Charles) and Amy (Embeth Davidtz), who are bitterly feuding over whether she should terminate her pregnancy.

There's more: Paul's home life and his marriage to Kate (Michelle Forbes) are in crisis. No wonder he is driven to seek counsel from a former colleague, Dr. Gina Toll (Dianne Wiest), where he can be found on Friday's episode.

I, myself am finding In Treatment to be fascinating television. HBO has done it again in this groundbreaking series. Being in therapy myself, i am throughly intriqued and find myself looking forward to the "sessions". I sort of wonder if i am "good" at therapy?? My therapist, Liz is wonderful. Very patient and not at all condescending. I look forward to my weekly sessions!

If you like a lot of "action" in the shows you watch then you probably won't like the show. It's literally just two people talking for a whole episode. All the "action" that you experience in this series comes from the stories that the patients tell. I found the vicarious experience to be fascinating though because of the weight of emotion that the actors give to not only the retelling, but also in the way they react to the replies of the therapist (Gabriel Byrne).

Let's see how In Treatment is played out over the next 9 weeks! Should be an interesting ride for sure!!! Check out Dr Paul with his own therapist Gina!! Interesting stuff!!!
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