Friday, January 25, 2008

Jewish Penicillin....

Ok, well i admit, i love homemade chicken soup. It's far from raw but its something i crave very infrequently so i decided to make this soup with my mom. I figured this would be a good bonding session for us both and it was! I won't repeat the recipe here but its quite simple actually. It's imperative to impart just the right amount of seasoning to the soup. Of course the chicken itself gives off a wonderful flavor into the broth. I cannot believe how simple this soup is to make. I decided to add some cooked noodles to the broth later to make it more of a meal. So, it will be a chicken noodle soup. Anyway, let me impart to you the restorative features of chicken soup. First a definition:

Jewish Penicillin (from urban dictionary)

Tasty Matza Ball Soup.
Mamascheinz if you are farshtupped have some Jewish Penicillin, and your keppie will clear up.

Jewish Penicillin: (from

Chicken soup. If not really a form of penicillin, chicken soup may, in fact, have some therapeutic merit.
We all know that Chicken Soup has a long held tradition of curing the common cold and flu. After all, Mom and Grandma have been saying that forever.
But what can chicken soup accomplish?
Dr. Stephen Rennard, a specialist in pulmonary medicine, put his wife's grandmother's chicken soup recipe to the test. He concluded that chicken soup actually has a mild medicinal effect, inhibiting inflammation of the cells in the nasal passage, reducing the symptoms of a cold.
So chicken soup really can help you get better!

It should be added that to benefit from Jewish Penicillin,one need not be Jewish.
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