Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hooked on phonics!

Well, its out there floating somewhere! The idea! My idea! I want to write a book. (Big sigh)...yes i've been pondering this for a very long time. Never said it outloud though. I have so much in my head that i think needs to come out. It would be very cathartic for me. So, the only person i mentioned my idea to is Liz and she feels its an excellent idea. I guess what she thinks is important to me so i feel good about what she said. I need a change. I made changes in my lifestyle and thats awesome but i need more!! I love books, whether its self help, novels, poetry, Raw lifestyle, i love it all. So, i can do this!! They say the way to start writing is to, well just write!! See where that takes you. And so, i shall start. And so, i shall keep you posted!!!
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