Monday, January 21, 2008

Therapy today....

So, i was all set with a topic but somehow it went out the window! I got confused today! Yes, the doctor was in, but i wasn't. I felt rather threatened and shall i say annoyed. I shall. But...i wasn't annoyed at Liz, i was annoyed at myself. I wanted to hide under the chair or take a walk to the park. Yes, i realize it was 15 degrees but hey i had a scarf! I week i will have topics. Yes i will. Or at least 1 important, interesting, juicy, mind boggling topic! I will rock the world of therapy as we know will never be the same! I will never be the same. I will psycho babble with the best of them. I want to get this right, and do no wrong. You know what i'm talking about don't you????
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