Monday, January 28, 2008

Does anybody even read my blog?

So, does anybody even read my blog??? Sometimes i wonder ya know?

Yes, i can be like that! Very picky about how my blog looks. I even enlisted the help of a good friend who then referred me to his good friend.

So, i'm having a bit of trouble designing my blog. I want a spectacular header! Yes, i do. I want something that pops and attracts visitors. I've gotten a bit of feedback from some people and its all good.

Let me try to tell you what i want this blog to become. Well, first off, different from every other blog. Just creative and interesting and funny and educating all at the same time. Lots about the music that i love and the new music i discover. Some videos. Stuff about food and what i eat! Posts about my ongoing therapy..maybe once a week on that. So all that and more...

But, right now i feel like that little person above who lost her icecream.

So, some feedback folks. Just a comment to let me know you were here! Thats it.
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