Monday, January 28, 2008

Love me, Love my ipod playlist

Black ipod nano - 1000 songs
Michelle's itunes library - 2153 songs

So, here lies my dilemma. I think you all can see why right?

Here is what i currently have: a sleek beautiful black nano! I do love it and i take it everywhere i go. But then there is the "dilemma".

The new white "classic" is lovely. Holds about 20,000! Mind boggling to me. It is a little bigger than my very small nano but thats OK i suppose.

So, last but certainly not least is the very very cool looking ipod touch! Very similiar in looks to the iphone its just really adorable.

I realize that the ipod is just a diminutive electronic device but it is my diminutive electronic device that plays music that i love! Decisions to make here! Anybody wanna help with suggestions, i would love that!
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