Friday, February 1, 2008

Confusion is setting in....

So, i was sitting here today reading up on juice feasting and all that goes along with it. When i got to the supplement section on juice feasting i suddenly stopped and sat there dumbfounded. So much! Maybe, i am not understanding why all this is needed. I mean i am all for supplementation, i don't know i just feel confused. Should i purchase everything on the list? Or go with my gut..I am already using Vitamineral green and Earth, both of which i love. I am really just trying to wrap my mind around the fact that in 1 month i will be starting a juice feast! That means no food..for at least a month or more. Wow, what was i thinking? Oh, i have no doubt i will complete the 30-40 days that i am planning on. It's just a daunting prospect in my mind is all. My feelings right now are excitement, empowerment, a bit of aprehension, wonder, love of greens, feeling light, calmness, and resolve! Each of these feelings can be dealt with separately or in a bunch. I am thinking once i decide on all the supplements and actually place an order, the feeling of calmness will overtake all the other bad feelings! Light, love, brightness and the power of juicing, thats where its at!!! I'd like to include here some of the thoughts of David and Katrina Rainoshek:

IMAGINE what your life would look like if you had amazing physcial health, health beyond your wildest dreams and expectations!

Do you think that with such health you could:

be free of fear of developing one or many of the cronic illnesses that affect many of today's population?
create a deeper, more joyful experience of life for yourself, free of physical discomfort and pain?
experience mental clarity and freedom from "brain fog?"
enjoy your body more, as it becomes the correct weight for your height?
feel proud of your radiant, glowing, healthy skin and bright, clear eyes?
enjoy eating free from guilt, and in a way that is ecologically and environmentally beneficial?
gain more self confidence?
be blown away by how GOOD it is possible for you to feel?
kiss common colds, flus, headaches, mucus, and more goodbye?
eliminate the need for chemical pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs?
effortlessly move away from the foods that create illness because you now get FAR MORE pleasure from feeling healthy than you ever did from eating sugary, processed foods.
be a powerful example of HUMAN POTENTIAL, sharing your health secrets with the millions of people who so badly need to see and hear about vibrant, healthy people like yourself?
have consistant energy and emotional stability throughout the day?
What if there was a way for you to realize such exelent health for yourself, and what if it was as simple as FEASTING on fresh, natural, beautiful JUICE! Well, IT IS!

Juice Feasting is, at its heart, about self-empowerment and abundance.

JUICE FEASTING means you can drink all fresh, nutrient-dense juices for up to 92 Days, healing and preventing almost every major health challenge we have developed in western society. Join thousands of individuals, including recognized health professionals who are switching on to Juice Feasting as a way to make significant healing and health possible for themselves, their clients, and those they love.

God, this is something that i can and will do! I have no choice do I?
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