Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I want this....and i'm getting this....

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

Unless you're stationed in the rapidly disappearing Arctic, you've probably heard about the evils of bottled water these past few months. I've watched this unfold with great interest, as it spoke to my own fraught love-hate relationship with bottled water.

Like many, I am both concerned about the environment and incredibly lazy. I also happen to be hydration-obsessed. I drink water around the clock in obscene, probably insalubrious quantities.

While I've tried to skirt the bottled-water issue whenever possible—I opt for brita at home and i suppose tap at restaurants—I've never figured out how to get my fix when out and about. I dislike the tinny aftertaste of water-fountain water (which has never satisfied my volume requirements anyway). And the permanent water bottles I've tried were either too aggressively outdoorsy, or—like the old time water bottles used when riding my bike too hideous.

Over the cries of my pocket book, I lapsed into the (yes: expensive) habit of buying bottled water en route to the subway several times a week. Sure, it's a rip-off, but the water is always so clean, so cool, so ... effortless.

What other options were there? The solution is clearly not, to refill my Poland Spring bottle more than a few times. I don't mind the bacterial buildup these bottles' design encourages. But I certainly don't want to be gulping down the carcinogens and hormone disruptors that the PETE No. 1 plastic may leach after more than one use.

So, today, I decided to end this internal warfare once and for all. I went in search of a reusable water bottle that I actually liked—a stylish, versatile, easy-to-clean (and carry) container that I could refill anywhere, as often as my thirst dictated.

I should add that what works on the trail doesn't always work in the mall, and vice versa. My quest was for a water bottle to accompany me in the urban, not the actual, jungle. It isn't only that I last went hiking in 1995. It's more that I seriously doubt the backpackers among us are responsible for the estimated 38 billion plastic bottles we sent to landfills last year.

Here's the criteria i looked for:

Are there any health and/or environmental issues with the material? Is the bottle easy to clean? Dishwasher-safe? Is the price reasonable? Is the bottle easy to open and stow? Built to last?

Sex appeal
Design matters. If I feel stupid, or more stupid than usual, carrying a bottle around, I'll probably leave it at home and end up hitting the Volvic once again. The ideal water bottle will be an attractive lifestyle accessory that enhances all sorts of settings: not only the gym, but also the airport or the boardroom.

Portability is key. Leakage and sweatiness were also considered: A bottle should fit inside your purse without imperiling your iPod. Does the bottle's mouth prevent or promote spillage? Does it dent when dropped? Can you sip from it in a moving vehicle without ruining your silk top?

So here is what i chose:

The century-old Swiss company Sigg seems to have the most advanced understanding of what these water bottles really are: baubles. Functional baubles, but baubles nonetheless—used only to the extent that they're admired. Some of Sigg's 144 designs are a little over-the-top, uncomfortably reminiscent of the Swatch watches of my early childhood.

Siggs are made out of aluminum coated with a water-based epoxy, a combo that initially worried me. I was reassured to learn that no lab tests have ever found any evidence of bisphenol A leaching, even after prolonged use. So, i chose the Siggs circles orange with an orange transparent top. I am rather psyched about this purchase! Maybe, i will finally look cool when sipping on my many many oz's of water!!!

Put the chocolate in the bag and nobody gets hurt.

Ok, so now on to bigger and better! Today, i received an email from Sue saying this:
"Don’t get the chocolate covered sun flower seeds from whole foods – they are quite good and terribly addicting" She then intentionally (or unintentionally) sent me the link! The very dangerous link! Oh i did answer her with this:

"oh god, chocolate covered anything is so good!!!" and this:
"WOWOWOW, they look yummy!!! which ones did you get???now of course, i am tempted!!!! i will be there maybe tomorrow?"

So, i thought why not share this link with my friends?

sunflower food company

Yep, sorry i just had to..is anybody as tempted as i am? I don't know maybe its a familial thing that just us sisters posess. Our mutual love of and consumption of chocolate covered in just about anything. It's bad i know but....
It BOOSTS A SENSE OF WELL BEING. Xanthines found in chocolate create a sense of well-being. Theobromine opens the lungs and increases flow in blood vessels. It calms nerves and has a little stimulatory effect to give some additional energy without the addictive and negative stimulatory effects of caffeine.

I don't know about you, but i crave a sense of well being pretty much all the time. It surely helps me get through the day in one piece. So, when i say, i want chocolate covered sunflower seeds, its all for the health and well being that it gives to me. Thats it. Need i say more????
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