Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm in love with......

One Lucky Duck
Go here please!!! I cannot stress it enough. Ok, let me start from the beginning. I had heard of Pure Food and Wine (well who hasn't) and really want to devour a meal there. I am planning on taking Sue after tax season for her belated birthday. But, thats a long way off. So, i took a look at Sarma's One Lucky Duck website and felt compelled to place an order.

I'm always looking for body products (mostly body lotion) and i read about How Now Brown Cacao. Let's just say, if you like chocolate, like the smell of chocolate than this product is for you! I have it sitting here on my desk and i almost want to eat it! Then i ordered a bottle of MSM for my upcoming juice feast, which i will talk about in another post.

A bag of chocolate macaroons, a bag of grawnola, a bag of goji berries, and a special gift for free one lucky duck chewey almond crunch bar. Each item better than the next. Plus, while of course it came in a box (in 2 days) it was wrapped in lovely pink tissue paper and the invoice has an adorable smiley heart with the words thank you!

To me, its the little touches that make me so appreciative. I sent a quick email off to Sarma thanking her. Everything is fresh, tasty and quite delicious!

Anybody wanna join me at Pure for a meal? If her treats are this good, imagine what her food tastes like!

Update: Sarma answered my email extremely fast! She's lovely....
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