Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where the wild things are.....

Ok, today i decided to be positive and hopeful and loving! Is there really any other way??? I had a better day, not great but better so thats good!

My very favorite book when i was young (as opposed to being old???) was Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak!

The book tells the story of Max, who one evening plays around his home, "making mischief" in a wolf costume (chasing the dog with a fork, etc.). As punishment, his mother sends him to bed without supper. In his room, a mysterious, wild forest grows out of his imagination, and Max journeys to the land of the Wild Things. They are fearsome-looking monsters, but Max conquers them with a scary look and he is made the King of the Wild Things. However, he soon finds himself lonely and homesick, and he returns home to his bedroom. He finds his supper waiting for him ... "And it was still hot."

Now i read that a full length movie is in the works. You can read about it here :

Where the wild things are

Is anybody else excited? Or more importantly, why do things like this excite me?? Just looks like fun, thats all!

Best line: The last five words. Max returns to his room and finds his supper waiting for him “and it was still hot.” When a new edition of Where the Wild Things Are was being prepared ten years after it won the Caldecott Medal, Sendak’s editor wrote to ask him if he wanted to change “hot” to “warm” because Harper Collins had heard from “a couple of children (or their rotten parents)” that “children don’t like hot” food.

Hey, maybe these children are raw foodies????
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