Monday, February 11, 2008

Eat your frog!

It is 10.55PM and i am almost ready for bed!

I was thinking about some advice an ex-coworker of mine once gave me. She said "Michelle, everyday when you come into the office, eat your frog first.

In other words, whatever task you are most dreading, do it first. Get it out of the way, so you can move on to other things without that burden hanging over your head.

This was perhaps the best advice i've ever received! I'm not always able to follow it, but boy, am i happier when i do.

So, that same co-worker and I decided that we'd start each day with a frog telecon (or frogchat via IMs). We'd identify our frogs, and commit to each other that we'd tackle them right away. Then later in the day we'll check in and see how we're doing.

So, that was a few years ago but i still to this day follow the "eat your frog first" mentality! I do not put any undue pressure upon myself, i just identify my frog for the day and get it out of the way! It makes the rest of my day just so much easier.

So, this morning my frog was getting in my 3 miles! (running that is) Simple right? Not when it's 5 degrees outside with 20 mile hour winds. So, my running frog remains for another day!

Then there's my home frog! Lots of stuff there but i always get it done. Home frog, to me is most important because it sets the tone for the rest of the day!!!

Hey, i do realize that frog if eaten is not technically lets just eat the frog metaphorically OK?

So, what's your frog today?
(I'd be curious to know readers)!!!

P.S. Make sure you set up your frog telecon with a friend or even a foe, just for indentifying your frog!
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