Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Even when love isn't enough....somehow it is!

Happy Valentines Day to my raw friends, my non raw friends or anybody reading this blog!!!!!

It's a special day, isn't it? I mean, even for the folks that are single (like myself) i feel the love! I thought i'd do something fun so here's a list of romantic sounding places.... Anybody, wanna live in Flowers, MS...Cupid Lake, MN or Heart's Content, PA? Not me!!!

SO, now i'm thinking....ok its a good excuse to eat some chocolate (raw of course)...

What if your Heart’s not into it?

Over the past few years, a growing number of people have been voicing their discontent with Valentine’s Day, and retailers have created a market of products just for them. Anti-Valentine’s Day cards and merchandise have appeared online and in stores, and they have become more mainstream.

Messages on cards and T-shirts are targeted toward singles or to people who prefer to ignore the holiday. Some sentiments poke fun at the occasion or mock Valentine’s Day. Even e-cards have gotten in on the action.

One electronic card on shows a woman crying and covered with roses. “Valentine’s Day …” it begins. Inside it says, “Hate it with a passion!” Then there are cards for the more bitter and angry consumers.
“What is worse than a cheating husband? Give up?” asks the front of a card on Inside, the card answers, “A cheating husband that got caught! Goodbye loser!”

So, i'll just leave you with this thought:
"Its better to eat twinkies with your friends than to eat broccoli alone"

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