Saturday, February 2, 2008

My old friends....and running!

As i was outside running today, i thought of only one thing. Where are my old friends? It was about the time that they should be making an appearance on the boards! Weekend, 8.30AM. I finished my 1st mile thinking i guess i missed them. Then suddenly on the way back there out of the corner of my eye was Hector! He was stretching out his tired old muscles on a bench. I stopped. Looked at him and slowly walked over. That was all i needed to be brought back to another time and place. Memories were flooding my emotions, great memories they were! I knew if Hector was there, the others were soon to follow. We slowly jogged back to the meeting place and there they were in all their glory! Ilene, Janet and Randy! I gently hugged each one of them and we said our hellos! The running started and Ilene reminded me to go easy! "Do not increase by more than 10% Michelle or you will get a stress fracture" I will listen to her words. Talking resumed and before i knew it a mile was run.

So, old friends, to me are the best friends. It was as if we see each other everyday! No pauses or awkwardness. Just mutual admiration and love! Great conversation and of course last but not least...our love of simply running!
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