Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Sprouting my mungs"?

Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout.

So, for the past few days, my sis Sue has been in the business of sprouting! I am kinda jealous of this because i do love a good sprout in my salads. I try to explain to her that maybe i want some of her sprouts, i sort of hint more than actually saying the words but i'm still stuck with store bought sprouts. Which is fine if all you like is alfalfa sprouts.

Today, i looked up online what a sprout bag looked like and quite honestly, to me it looked like an old woman's underware! When i questioned Sue about this, here's what she said: "No it looks more like a small canvas bag" Short and sweet are her answers.

So, this world of sprouting is still foreign to me! Even Anthony over at Raw Model has never mentioned sprouting his own before! But see, this is what i love about Sue! She always likes to try new things and usually succeeds! When i talk to her about Raw she is always responds positivly! Always!

I just completed a phone call with an old friend who has admitted to me on numerous occassions that she has an "eating disorder". Among other things, she does the whole binging/vomiting/laxitive end of the spectrum. When i said to her, very nicely i might add "stacy, why are you doing this to yourself???? Her response was "well you juice everyday don't you? Why yes i do! So, thats kinda strange to me!! So, she's comparing her "eating disorder" with my juicing. Not even close huh? I feel vibrant, healthy, alive! She feels fat, scared and not so alive. To me, this is very disturbing and scary and i told her so. She thanked me for my concern and then said don't worry i have it under control. NO YOU DO NOT!!!

So, back to sprouting! Its healthy, its fun to do and it sure is tasty! So, i say to Sue...you ROCK! Sprout away and while your at it, make me some zucchini pasta with sundried tomato pesto sauce! What time is dinner?
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